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- Amateur Signals Intelligence.pdf : Reverse engineering a wireless protocol "in the blind" [radio] [reveng] - CaptureEffectFM.pdf : An explanation of the capture effect for FM radio [radio] [math] - Comparison_of_MSK_Demod_Techniques.pdf : [math] [radio] - DCC2014-Amateur-Bell-202-Modem-W6KWF-and-Bridget-Benson.pdf : Clarifying some problems with APRS [aprs] [radio] - APRS Ambiguities : A comprehensive breakdown on the inner workings of APRS and Bell 202 (updated 2016!) [aprs] [radio] - FEC-for-FSK.pdf : Saved for possible use with [aprs] [radio] [math] - Frequency_Shift_Keying.pdf : Excellent analysis of various FSK methods, suggests optimal mark/space tones given baud rate [aprs] [radio] [math] - MM_Clock_Recovery.pdf : Article by M&M on their clock recovery [radio] [math] - MSK Preamble Design.pdf : Choosing a preamble for an MSK system [radio] [math] - Necessary_Bandwidth_of_Digital_Modulation.pdf : [radio] [math] - Timing_Carrier_Recovery.pdf : Overview of several clock / carrier recovery schemes [radio]